International Washington Institute
معـــــهد واشنـــــطن الــدولـــى



  We build your future with you, and enhance you to the requirements of the labor market.

One of the Biggest and strongest specialized educational institutions and most widespread in Alexandria & other governates.
Trained more than 100 thousand trainees so far and placed the labor market

Been training for more than ten thousand students from other nationalities
All Certificates are ratification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take official capacity for adoption
If you do not absorb the students are re-cycle again without paying any additional charges
We are training on the latest computer hardware
Snimaúah display screens and plasma screens to view educational videos in the halls of Languages
Dates of seminars morning and evening from ten in the morning until ten pm
Air-conditioned halls educational
More than 200 records in different disciplines Egyptians and foreigners
More than 40 people in customer service only for your convenience
Coffee Shop and other services
Curriculum used is the same as the University of Cambridge in the UK curriculum, UNESCO and Microsoft Corp.

IWI- INTERNATIONAL WASHINGTON INSTITUTE uses Microsoft Official Curriculum taught by certified instructors.

IWI Vision & Mission:

Since its establishment, 8 years ago, IWI (International Washington Institute) , the team work of our training center , has undertaken the task of training all categories inside EGYPT & Arab countries; to reach the highest levels of success & competency; to meet the needs of the labor market in competitive jobs, for the local & global employment market , & supporting commercial activities.

 Now, we are offering the experience we accumulated over the years to customers from all over Egypt, in the form of various training programs that suit their needs.

Our Vision is to become the regional leader of training worldwide acknowledge Institute, providing a high quality of learning experience, building on our obtainable strength to attain an international accreditation in the Middle East.

 Our Missionis to realize our Vision for providing the highest quality of training services delivered, with the aim of promoting standards and exceeding customer expectation.

 We are confident that any individual person or any organization seeking for a training program, to match its own particular needs, will find something suitable inside this website.