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CompTIA Courses and Training


IWI ALEXANDRIA is proud to offer CompTIA courses and training to help you prepare for CompTIA certifications.
CompTIA is an internationally-recognized association representing the technology community. CompTIA has developed specialized certification programs which assure employers of a candidate's basic technology skills.


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Key Courses

International Washington Institute  offer a broad spectrum of CompTIA training to provide a student real-world IT skills.

[ Outline ] CompTIA Courses and Training

[ Outline ] A+ Essentials

[ Outline ] A+ IT Technician

[ Outline ] A+ Depot Technician

[ Outline ] A+ Remote Support Technician

[ Outline ] CompTIA Network+ Certification (2011 Objectives)

[ Outline ] CompTIA Security+ Certification (2011 Objectives)

[ Outline ] Linux+ Certification

[ Outline ] CompTIA Project+ Certification - A CompTIA Certification (Second Edition)

[ Outline ] Maintance

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CompTIA Courses and Training