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Microsoft Publisher Courses & Training


IWI courses for Microsoft Publisher will teach you basic to advanced features of Microsoft Publisher. 

Microsoft Publisher is an easy-to-use program that produces stunning, professional results. Whether you are new to Microsoft Publisher or looking to learn tips and tricks, IWI has the class you need.

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New Features of Microsoft Publisher 2010

  • Sophisticated picture editing tools
  • Object alignment and visual guides to position content
  • Pre-built design blocks
  • OpenType typography
  • Advanced print and collaboration tools

Course Topics

With Publisher training at IWI, the student will learn:

  • New Features of Publisher 2010
  • Working with basic publications
  • Editing and formatting publications in Publisher
  • Working with pictures and graphics in Publisher
  • Preparing a publication for distribution 


Microsoft Publisher 2010 Courses


Publisher 2010 - Level 1


Publisher 2010 - Level 2

Microsoft Publisher 2007 and Microsoft Publisher 2003 Courses

IWI offers both Publisher 2007 and Publisher 2003 courses.

Publisher 2007

Publisher 2003


Publisher 2007 - Level 1


Publisher 2003 - Level 1



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