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CompTIA Security+ Certification Training IWI


IWI can help you obtain your CompTIA Security+ Certification through our hands-on based training. CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification which validates an individual's knowledge of system security and security practices in the IT industry.

Whether your goal is to become Security+ certified for your job, to prove your basic knowledge of security concepts or gain more knowledge to secure your network, IWI training and Security+ certification is the perfect solution.

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Who's It For?

Security+ Certification training is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about IT security risks and how to protect your IT infrastructure and information. Security+ students will learn the following:

•Basics of authentication and authorization

•Types of attacks and malicious code

•Remote access security

•Email and web security

•Wireless security

•Security design and security baselines

•Security monitoring and intrusion detection

•Physical security

•Security forensics

Certification and Exams

Security+ certification candidates must pass one exam. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that candidates have their A+ Certification and Network+ Certification or equivalent on-the-job experience.

Key Courses

[ Outline ] Security+ Certification

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