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معـــــهد واشنـــــطن الــدولـــى
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Parler de soi

Module 01 : Bonjour

Unité 01

Unité 02

Unité 03

How to communicate with someone

How do I introduce myself

Expression of tendencies and hobbies


How do I introduce someone



How do I ask the person to introduce  himself

Expression of ownership

Spelled words




Module 02 : changer

Unité 04

Unité 05

Unité 06

How to order a person to do something

Proposal - to accept and reject an invitation

Expression an opinion about negative / positive

How to politely ask for something

Inquire about the time and expressed

How much? ( The Price)


Taking an appointment - and determined

Expression of Chemistry


Module 03 :Agir de l’espace

Unité 07

Unité 08

Unité 09

Inquire about the place

Give the command / advice /

Description of place / site

Ask and answer about the direction and location

Expression of coercion

Express conditions recipes


Expression of ownership



Module 04 :Enquête – se situer daus daus le leyps

Unité 10

Unite 11

Unite 12

Expression of reason

Expression of the times

Talk about a future time

How you spent your day

Express approval / rejection

Expression and understanding of  weather terms

Expressions about the stages of something


Express wishes

What's the importance of the French language ?

Assessing  someone

Sensory description of someone

Methode de françaisconnexions

Name the curriculum

For an end to the curriculum between 100 hours to 120 hours

Fragmented into 19 levels 4 modules             

Un module = 3 unitésPart contains 3 lessons

Module 01 : Bonjour unité 01

TCF : Test de connaissance du français

DELF : Diplômed’études en langue française

DALF : Diplômeapprofondi de langue française

Preparation for determining the level of certification an important French language and spoken 80 hours

Preparation for the French-language school diploma which is equivalent to high school in the education system, France 12 hours

Preparation for certification in-depth study in the French language which is equivalent to a BA in the French education system 12 level


Preparatory classes for the personal interview embassies of French-speaking countries

[ Outline ] French

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