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Microsoft Visio Courses & Training


IWI courses for Microsoft Visio will teach you all you need to know to become a power Visio user.

Whether you are new to Visio or an advanced user looking for tips and tricks, IWI Visio courses and instructors are here to help.

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New Features of Microsoft Visio 2010

•New diagramming templates

•Improved Ribbon makes finding tools easier

•Automatic diagram drawing functionality

•Simplify a large, complex diagram

•Enriched themes

•Connect your diagram to live data

•Model SharePoint workflows

Course Topics


With Visio training at IWI , the student will learn:

•New Features of Visio 2010

•Working with basic diagrams and shapes in Visio

•Creating an organization chart

•Creating shapes

•Designing styles, templates and stencils

•Working with layers

•Sharing and collaboration features


Microsoft Visio 2010 Courses


Outline Visio 2010 - Level 1

Outline Visio 2010 - Level 2

Microsoft Visio 2007 and Microsoft Visio 2003 Courses

IWI offers a full selection of Visio 2007 and Visio 2003 courses.

Visio 2007 Visio 2003

Outline Visio Professional 2007 - Level 1                               Outline Visio 2003 Professional- Level 1

Outline Visio Professional 2007 - Level 2                                Outline Visio 2003 Professional - Level 2

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