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Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Courses & Training


IWI can train you to customize your SharePoint sites with Microsoft SharePoint Designer or take advantage of the features of SharePoint Workspace.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer allows you to easily modify the look, feel and functionality of your SharePoint sites.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace can be used as a Windows client for SharePoint Server.

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What's the difference between SharePoint Workspace and SharePoint Designer?

Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer is a Windows application that allows you to create and customize SharePoint page content without writing code. The SharePoint Designer 2010 redesigned interface connects to data easily, provides improved views and forms, and improved SharePoint workflow design capabilities.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, formerly known as Office Groove, provides direct synchronization of library and list content between a SharePoint site and an individual client computer. Check out and check in SharePoint library documents, work online or offline, and synchronize local content with a SharePoint site. 

Course Topics

With SharePoint training at IWI, the student will learn:

•Working with subsites

•Take control of your Cascading Style Sheets

•Improve functionality of your SharePoint Pages

•Working with WebParts

•Customize SharePoint workflows

Key Courses

IWI  offers SharePoint Designer classes at a variety of times:

Outline Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 - Level 1

Outline Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 - Level 2

Outline 50354 SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Designer

Outline SharePoint Designer 2007 - Level 1 

Outline SharePoint Designer 2007 - Level 2

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